Monday, November 30, 2009

A giveaway!

hey everyone!

my friend kelly is a super great designer and she does really cute blog layouts! well, for the christmas season, she's giving away a free design! everyone should go enter to win! you won't be sorry :) here is the link...

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A lot goes on in a week...

Well, a lot has happened since my post last week!

Like I said, I started a second job and boy has it been a rollercoaster! I'm still learning how to handle each kid and they are still trying to get to know me. Yesterday however was probably my favorite day of all. When I arrived at the house, the kids were being put down for a nap because for some reason they didn't have one at pre-school. Well Maddie ended up sleeping the whole time I was there, which was great, but little Blake just made my week. He woke up after like 15 minutes... not a good sign. And of course since he didn't get a full nap, he was incredibly cranky so I let him bring his little Nemo stuffed animal out into the living room to play with while his sister was sleeping. Well we were playing with blocks and I look over and he is just nodding of and it only took about 5 more minutes before Nemo became a pillow on my lap and he was snoring haha. It was so cute! Little kids look so sweet when they sleep. So my whole afternooon consisted of me watching Grey's Anatomy while the kids slept. Bliss.

So the only day that I work a full day away from home is on Friday's... well... I leave Sadie at home all the time by herself, and she has never torn anything up except her pee pads because she stays in the kitchen and I learned pretty quickly to spray Bitter Apple (the best best best stuff ever invented that keeps dogs from chewing on things) all over the baseboards and cabinets so she wouldnt chew on them. Well this particular Friday was the first time I ever left her for an extended period of time, meaning like whole entire day, a full 9 hours. I'm just gonna go out on a limb here and say she got angry... because she chewed a giant whole in the kitchen floor. ... ... ... yes... ... ... a whole. In the floor. She will be coming to babysit with me this Friday.

Seriously Sadie??? ---->

Well in my last post I also talked about how Tim and I bought our first married vehicle. When we went to pick it up last Friday, it sadly wasn't ready and so tomorrow is the day that we get our car!!!! We are so stinking anxious! I seriously cannot wait! (Which means we are also selling our sweet Kia spectra if y'all are intersted... you know you want one.) But anyways, I'll post pics of the new car on Thursday :) yay Audi!

We also had a garage sale with the family on Saturday... guess who made the most money.... My parents.... Who weren't even there. They left a bunch of stuff for Adam and I to sell for them... Please tell me how we ended taking most of our stuff home and they sold everything?!??! Thats the last time I try to sell my college stuff with my parents fancy stuff. But, I did make quite a bit of money taking my old clothes to Plato's Closet. Although it took the poor people like an hour to go through my HUGE bin of clothes, but hey, that's their job right? :)

Well, I think that's all for now... Hope you all have a blessed day!!! :)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Sorry I stink at blogging....

Ok... so I am officially the worst blogger ever... and therefore, I make it an early new years resolution to start being better. sound good? :)

soooo here's what has been going on lately....

tim is loving his job downtown working with limerock! he is currently working in tech support but is training and studying to get certified to be the database admin. he is adjusting to houston really well and i love that we're back here!

i decided to go brunette, and it looked pretty good actually but after about a month i gave up on being different and decided to be me... which is definitely blonde lol. i just couldn't handle what it takes to be brunetter i guess :) but it was definitely a fun experiment. i am still working in marketing and have also taken on a second part time job as a nanny for some adorable little twins! today was my first day with them and i think once we warm up to each other it is going to be a super fun job! i think kids really teach us a lot about ourselves and they help to remind us that life is only as serious as we decide to take it.

on another note, tim and i are now the proud owners of a new, pre-owned, audi a4 quattro!!! i promise to post pics soon, but we don't actually pick it up until tomorrow morning so you will have to be patient!!! :) but it is a beautiful car and we feel very blessed that God has made this opportunity available for us!

sadie is doing well, she is growing like CRAZY! she is super duper hyper, and totally precious. she recently got spayed which i think had to be the saddest thing i have ever seen, but she is all healed up now and back to running around like crazy and chewing up anything she can get her little teeth on. her chew toys of choice these days tend to be socks, my oven mits, and anything that can be torn into shreads (i.e. receipts, paper, paper towels, toilet paper... you get the picture)

we leave for spokane in about 2 weeks and we are very excited to get to spend some quality time with the newbill family! we truly wish they lived closer, but we are thankful for the time we do get to spend with them around the holidays every year!

and last but not least, i have been "reunited," i guess you could say, with a very good friend of mine from high school, seresa, and she has introduced me to some fabulous girls who have all become my very good friends :) and tim and i love hanging out with this great group of people! we will even be taking a cruise with them in may! we love you guys! thanks for being such great friends!

well... i think that should have us all caught up on life so far! i really need to do better at this! y'all help remind me to blog!!!!! :)
with love,
the newbills

Friday, August 21, 2009


Sooooo... Tim and I were eating at Chili's last weekend and this lady stopped me on my way out and said she and her friend (both older women, 60's or 70's) had been starring at me all through dinner and wanted to tell me that I had the most beautiful eyes they'd ever seen....

Nice... yet creepy... I have no idea how to feel about that.... mostly i feel creeped out...

On another not so creepy note... Tim and I are going to Austin this weekend! yay!!!

Friday, July 10, 2009

The Barricade

So first of all, I apologize for being a terrible blogger already! Apparently it's going to take me a little while to get the hang of writing regularly in this thing, but I promise to try harder!!!

With that said, let's talk about my darling puppy. She is much bigger now so we were really really struggling to keep her in the kitchen with that silly puppy gate (in the last post I mentioned she learned to climb over it, she now can jump it with ease). So in a desperate attempt to keep her in the kitchen and away from chewing up my shoes, we invented "the barricade." This was no ordinary barricade. This was a very well-planned, thoroughly thought out, excellently executed blockage. We did not have to buy a thing. All we did was take some plastic bin toppers and put them in front of the gate and held them there with a bar stool. Genius... for about 2 days. Because she learned she could knock over the plastic toppers if she jumped at them hard enough.

So the next plan was to put two bar stools in front of the said barricade to ensure proper security and keep them from being able to fall forward. Again, genius.... for about 5 days. My super intelligent puppy then learned that she could climb the side of the gate and use her head to push the bin topper to the side in order to make a hole big enough for her to jump out. I'm not exaggerating any of the details of this story... I have seen her smartness with my own two eyes. And I wasn't even mad... that was amazing...

So... needless to say... our genius ideas came to an end. Therefore, we went and bought a crazy expensive puppy gate. It's taller, its easier to set up, it has a door that we can open to get in and out of the kitchen without having to break down a barricade or climb over a gate, and the best part... it only has vertical bars... noooooo horizontal ones that make climbing easier on a smart little pouch! So I guess all-in-all, we got the best end of the deal and it was well worth the money :)

So... we hope this one proves to last better than the last one. Say a little prayer...

Sunday, July 5, 2009

I've Given In

Well folks,

It only took me five months... but I have given into the married couple blogging craze. I'm not sure why I resisted at all, because I absolutely love to write.. but for some reason I just did not want to give in. Yet here I am...

Most of these blogs will probably end up being me rambling on paragraph after paragraph about what Tim and I are up to. However, I will probably throw in a few deep thoughts and some creative writing, just for fun :)

Anyways, Tim and I are getting settled here in Houston! We absolutely love it! Tim has been interviewing with two companies, Mercer and Limerock. Both of these companies would be a great opportunity for him to grow and learn with, so we are praying that God opens up the doors for him to do so. I however, have been faced with a job change! And I have accepted it :) I am going to be the new marketing assistant for Boyd Shepherd, an attourney that I have known for several years through my church. I used to babysit his kids, who are both much older now and beginning to be such grown ups! It crazy how the time flies. Anyways, that means I will unfortunately be leaving Francesca's. However I am definitely glad to be taking a break from retail and getting more into the business world :)

Tim and I also have a new addition to the family... our little Sadie. She is the cutest, most crazy puppy ever! She is a border-aussie (border collie, australian shepherd mix). When we first got her, she was the most chill little puppy ever, but now that she is feeling more at home, she is definitely showing her... personality. The little darling has learned how to CLIMB her puppy gate. Not jump over, not knock over... CLIMB. She is quite the little Houdini. And since she has learned this amazing talent, I have lost two pairs of shoes, a nail file, Tim's resume (just the printed one obviously), some of our crown molding, and a piece of the wall. She has also decapitated several of her toys. And she's only 10 weeks old... But man do we LOVE her :) She is the perfect addition to our little family.

Anyways, that is the best cliffs notes version I can give for now. Love you all!